Saturday, July 30, 2005

Theories, theories

I was watching Bride and Prejudice (on DVD) last night and I arrived at a theory about how society sees romance and happy relationships between men and women. The woman has to be beautiful but underdeveloped, undereducated and sexually uninitiated.

Look at Gerd Jarchow (former EU Commissioner to Jamaica) and Mara Mandara, the lovely customer service representative at VMBS. I know her.

She marries an EU ambassador and her status is, like, 10 grades elevated. I'm happy for her, because she deserves it. She deserves this because she is a wonderful person. However, I'm convinced that being, overeducated and focussed are not the best routes to getting married.

Not that there's anything wrong with being focussed, but look at this real-life example.

What do men really want? You suffer when you have high self-esteem, and you suffer because you don't. High self-esteem gets you a boyfriend who's an ass, and low self-esteem gets you involved with someone who thinks he's superior, but is really a piece of shyte.

I believe in this :

(a) Men need to control their spouses

(b) Men don't want to be pursued --they can make up their own minds

(c) Efficiency doesn't work for intimate relationships

However, I think that it's important for a woman to be able to think for herself. It's dangerous, because the woman can be the subject of abusive behaviour without knowing it.

Being in a semi-vegetative state for most of your marriage is not recommended. Look at what happened to Della Manley.


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